Cenify is a cloud-based Internet of Things platform serving smart solutions for consumer and enterprise level companies. Cenify mainly deals with the devices to become smart and predictive with their innovative products.



The team of Cenify has approached me to help them build a web application for their ongoing mobile app product. The app product was purely a consumer end version, which deals with accessing the devices. They wanted me to integrate the existing consumer app features to the enterprise level and come up with a strategy. Their requirements included Strategy, User flows, Low fidelity & High Fidelity Wireframes, User interface design and a prototype for testing.


Having completely understood the consumer end app, I have closely worked with the head of design at Cenify during the strategy building. All the user case scenarios were carefully analyzed and it helped me to better understand the needs of the project. Once the strategy and user flows were finalized, I started with the sketching of wireframes. In this process, I had more than 10 ways of approaching the idea and more than 50 papers to trash. We had several rounds of discussions and brainstorming sessions to finalize one layout with the team. Using Moqups web application, the wireframes were built and the final User interface design with the help of Photoshop CS6. Few participants were recruited by the team to test with the design prototype which was built with the help of Invision web application


Mind Mapping / User Flows

Mind Mapping and User flows

High fidelity Wireframes

Final set of wireframes finalised

UX / UI Designs

Abhishek worked with us on every step of the design to make sure it met with our business requirements and he nailed down the designs perfectly.
— Alec Saterly | CEO

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